Will THE REAL Hannah Gates please stand up? Ah, yes, that's me.  Just incase you were worried that you'd stumbled upon an imposter, I can assure I am the real deal. Therealhannahgates (TRHG) is a brand that I have spent many hours pondering over how to develop, grow, and find a true purpose for. It started as my Instagram account which served to showcase my everyday life, the memories I was making, and the things that brought me joy. However, I began to realize that it could be something more than that. I myself am a professional in the fashion industry, a makeup/skincare junkie, a creative, a traveler, a foodie, a writer, and most often described as an "acquired taste" when it comes to the type of human I am. I see TRHG as a space for inspiration and community, but mostly I see it as an ongoing memoir of my ever-evolving journey, which if anything, can serve as entertainment. Whether its an idea for a killer outfit, a review of a local restaurant, or an anecdote about my very sitcom-like home life, I hope that you can find something that brings you joy on TRHG.